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LIEKSA BRASS WEEK 25.7.-2.8.2014


Music for each and every one

The time for antagonism is past                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Music has, from time immemorial, been harnessed in the service of ideals. These have often been political or religious, or campaigns for human rights, and attempts have been made to further them through music. In such cases, the artistic merits of the work in question have often been of secondary importance to the listener. As a result, many a musical gem has suffered as politics have taken precedence over quality.

We are, however, now living in an era when the time for antagonism is past, as the Finnish President Sauli Niinistö has also pointed out. So why can antagonism not be a thing of the past in music, too? The concerts for Lieksa Brass Week 2014 have to a great extent been devised with this theme in mind.

The Brass Septet Imperial is now making its Lieksa comeback in a concert featuring legendary treasures from both sides of the political divide, thus proving that now, at last, we can peacefully listen to them in the same concert. Some of the items on the programme by the Euphoria sextet were inspired by the fight for human rights, and the artists in our cavalcade concerts will also be highlighting the same theme in their choice of repertoire. For whatever the motives behind a composition, people have always been making music for other human beings! In the words of a famous Finnish song, “Each and every one is worth a song”, regardless of colour, sexual orientation, political ideals or religion. In other words, Lieksa Brass Week aims at a brass-hued climate of tolerance.

The number one star of this year’s Week is German Brass, a top world ensemble now visiting Lieksa for the first time. For years, this ensemble has been a synonym for virtuosity and elegant music for brass. Boston Brass, which swept festival visitors off their feet last time they were with us, will also be back this year, as will Gabriele Cassone on trumpet and the romantic euphonium wizard Tomas Rüedi. This year we are also pleased to make the acquaintance of some new masters of their instruments: Fabriche Millischer (trombone), Premysl Vojta (French horn) and Roland Szentpali (tuba

We thus have all the makings of a tolerant Lieksa Brass Week 2014!

Please do join us.                            


Artistic Director

Jouko Harjanne

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