Lieksa Brass Week in brief

The music courses covering all the brass instruments are an integral element of Lieksa Brass Week. The masterclass in each of the instruments is oriented towards study at a professional level. By contrast, players of all ages and standards are welcome to apply for the other courses, such as those providing basic tuition, and the ensemble and septet courses. The courses are taught by the foreign masterclass teachers and top Finnish musicians, who also perform in the concerts. More than a hundred brass professionals, students and amateurs attend the courses each year.

The classical music series covers all the brass instruments and presents world-famous players at some twenty or more concerts in Lieksa Church, at the Lieksa Cultural Centre, Viekijärvi Church and the beautiful Mätäsvaara Mine.
The series of international brass competitions for young players introduced in 1999 has so far featured three international (Raimo Sarmas in memoriam) competitions for the trumpet, two for the trombone (Olavi Lampinen in memoriam), one for the euphonium, two for the tuba, and two for the French horn (Holger Fransman in memoriam). In honour of the anniversary year the 2009 competition was not in a specific instrument but the first Lieksa International Brass Quintet Competition.
During Lieksa Brass Week numerous other attractions, such as free concerts, daytime music and children´s events are held in Lieksa and its immediate surroundings. Thanks to these, the festival gains wide visibility in the Lieksa street scene.
Lieksa Brass Week is organised by the Lieksa Brass Week Patrons´ Association established in 1979. It is planned and executed by the Artistic Director, the Managing Director, the Office Manager together with the Board of the Patrons´ Association. Further staff are hired for the Week itself. The contribution of local voluntary helpers is vital to the success of the festival.